When Life is Uncertain, Make Pillows

I’m a serendipitous knitter, free to change a project into something new if my original intention doesn’t work out. Here I’ve got a pair of pillows that were not originally intended as pillows.

This first one


was originally supposed to be vest. Then I realized I couldn’t steek this yarn, so I decided to make a skirt instead. Soon I realized I didn’t want such a busy pattern on my back side. So it became a pillow!

Next I started to knit a scarf


but I soon got bored with knitting this made-up fair isle pattern and realized I wasn’t going to have enough yarn for a scarf anyway. So it became a pillow. This one is full of buckwheat hulls and lavender so it can be heated. It has a pretty obvious mistake in it, but who cares. It performs its function and I love it.

Pillows. đŸ™‚

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