Eating Poison

I think most people can agree that eating poison is a bad idea.

Now lets imagine a plant that can be killed with a poison…let’s say…corn? It dies, so it can’t make corn for us to eat.

Now lets imagine someone changes that plant so it can no longer be killed by that poison. Farmers can spray it with poison and instead of dying, the plant grows and provides a source of food for humans and animals.  Is this a good idea?

This is pretty much what we are seeing with GMO corn. Roundup Ready Corn is resistant to being killed by Roundup.  The only advantage is that Monsanto can make more money at the expense of our health. Now they will have to think of a way to genetically modify human beings to be able to eat pesticide-tainted food without eventually getting cancer or having other ill effects.

Monsanto and other groups don’t want GMO foods to be labelled as such, because even if the public doesn’t understand what GMO really means, they’ve gotten the idea from somewhere that GMO=bad. Labelling means the sales of those products will likely plummet, manufacturers will stop buying GMO food crops because they can’t sell them. Then Monsanto will have trouble profiting from its usual line of business: killing things.

In an ideal world, I’d like to see all manufacturers of chemical pesticides find a new line of work. How about manufacturing organic pesticides and fertilizers? Or creating compost from food and yard waste? Or finding other ways to improve our soil so we can actually have healthy food for ourselves and our children?

I believe that with knowledge and compassion, any greedy company can turn around and find a way to make money without despoiling the earth and poisoning living beings.

One thought on “Eating Poison

  1. Actually, I doubt that sales would plummet if GMO foods were labeled. Sales would likely drop a bit, but probably not much. Look at how many people still smoke. It’s not as though they think that cigarettes are good for them. And there is far less awareness about the potential dangers of GMO foods. Even a lot of smart, educated people think it’s really a non-issue.

    Also, I think we all pick our poisons. I eat much healthier than most people, but I still eat too many organic, gluten-free cookies and chips. It’s still junk food, and I’m sure my health suffers for these indulgences.

    I agree that GMO foods should be labeled though, and personally, I do my best to minimize my exposure.

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