Pinecone Portraits

Pinecone and its mom

When I was a child, I had no siblings. My parents were usually busy. We didn’t have color TV till I was 9. The VCR came later, as did the computer and video game console (Atari!).

I spent a lot of time climbing trees, listening to music, and jumping off the porch onto a crib mattress. On road trips I stared out the window and created imaginary worlds in my head.

Pinecone and its mom

Maybe this is why it’s easy for me to create my own entertainment, as I did this one day when I accompanied my husband and child on a golf course. The thing that struck me was the pinecones. I picked them up and admired them, then decided to take pictures of each pinecone with a nearby tree, which I decided must be its mom.

Pinecone and its mom


You could do a whole book of these.

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