Dealing with Uneasiness

Are you familiar with the vague feeling of angst and anxiety that you might feel after getting a bit of bad news, or being nervous how another person will respond to a difficult situation? You try to live your life as usual, but something in the background doesn’t feel right. What do you do?

An angst-filled flower.

An angst-filled flower.

Recently I had this problem. And I watched myself deal with the unease. I saw myself look for distraction on social media. I felt the urge to play a video game (urge resisted). I found myself in a yarn store browsing (aka, retail therapy) but managed to buy nothing. I knitted, which calm me enough to think, “I should write about this.” And then I sat down to write, which is another way I offload tension.

But I learned a new way to cope today. As I walked down the street I wished for the people around me – strangers, all – to have happiness, peace and love. I do this sometimes anyway, but today I noticed that wishing others peace made me feel more peaceful as well.

I offer this suggestion, with the hope it might help you some day.

5 thoughts on “Dealing with Uneasiness

  1. I really like the sentence “An angst-filled flower.” I just like the way it sounds.
    I think I understand what you mean here. (Sorry I haven’t been able to communicate with you for a while. I’m afraid I had to stop using Twitter.)

      • It’s a long story. Some of the people I followed there turned out to be not as nice as I thought and I got sick of their silliness.

        On a lighter note, what do you think of the latest chapter of Pandora Hearts? I’m so worried about Echo.

      • I like that we are getting some of Echo’s back story. I am still a little confused about which of her personalities — the Echo personality or the Noise/Zwei one — is her “real” personality. At first I thought it surely had to be the Echo one that was the real one but then after rereading that chapter plus the one where she is talking Oz when he’s imprisoned I am thinking actually it is the Echo one that is the puppet personality. What did you think?

  2. I’m quite confused myself. (I’m starting to wonder whether Echo’s referring to herself in the third person has something to do with it all.) It’s almost as if the two ended up switching personalities or something.

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