If you’ve spent any time doing art or crafts you’ll know what I mean by “potentialities” when you look at this picture of Fetal Yarn. I call it that because it is yarn that has yet to be born as Something (other than yarn).

Could it be a sweater? It’s a little thick for that and there’s only enough for a baby sweater. That would be one sweaty miserable baby in a thick wool sweater. So no.

How about a hat? Potentially the same problem…the hat would be too hot unless you live in below freezing temperatures.

What about mittens? Maybe, but there’s a lot of yarn here for just one pair of mittens and I’m not sure I want to make two or three pairs.

A purse? Yes! That is my plan for this yarn. But will it survive the knitting gestation period to be born as purse, or will I change my mind along the way, as I have done with knitted projects before? [link] Only time will tell.

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