My Child is Prolific with Fuse Beads

Multitudinous Hama Bead Projects done by my kid

Multitudinous Hama Bead Projects done by my kid

Fuse beads are an interesting medium for artwork. You place tiny beads on a pegboard in a design, then iron it to fuse the beads together so the individual beads melt together into one piece. Hama and Perler are two companies that make fuse beads.

When I bought my child her first Hama bead kit, I never imagined she would have the patience to painstaking place so many tiny beads, or that she would eventually convince me to buy her a 16,000 bead bucket and that she would nearly use it up. Her care and perseverance with those tiny beads amazes me. She could one day, with enough motivation, time and supplies, be creating realistic artworks with fuse beads. Perler has a site where you can upload a photo and they send you a template, which you can put under a clear pegboard as a template for your image. Unfortunately in order to do this you need a clear pegboard, and their clear supersize pegboard is getting terrible reviews on Amazon. People say it is hard to iron something so large in an even way, so the board ends up warping. Which is really too bad. This medium has a lot of potential.

Does anyone know of an iron that is at least 12×19”?

Hama Bead Artwork

3 thoughts on “My Child is Prolific with Fuse Beads

  1. I wonder if a laundry press would work for that? There are home models that can be used with or without steam. And it could be something that might be useful with various knitting projects.

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