Touch Your Fingertips Together

Press your fingertips together and ponder what you feel. If you are like me, you might, after a few moments, begin to search for a deeper meaning to the sensation you are experiencing.

Where is the sensation? It’s in the place where the two fingers touch. Does that remind you of anything?  Think about it for a few minutes and then come back to what I learned from doing this.


The pressing of fingertips reminded me of sensation of interacting with another person, either with physical touch or with words. Two fingertips…that’s like two people, correct? It could just as well be a friend you are touching fingertips with.

But here’s where it gets interesting, because your two fingertips are part of one thing: you. They aren’t really separate. And likewise, when you interact with another person, you aren’t really separate either. You are all part of one big organism of sorts, whether you call it the human race, or planet earth, or the universe. We are all one.

I love stuff like that.

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