What I’ve Been Up To

Here are some of the things I’ve been busy with in the past few months:

1. Painted both bathrooms in my house pale blue. This was my first ever attempt at painting a home interior. I made some mistakes, but over all it came out pretty well.

Tip: You know those beautiful greeting cards you see in stores that you love but think are too expensive to buy and send someone, considering you can get a card that conveys the same message for a sixth of the price? Well you could always buy it and frame it and hang it. In your newly painted bathroom or whatever. 🙂

Can you tell it's a framed greeting card?

Can you tell it’s a framed greeting card?

2. Reading through and editing my first novel, Pieces of Home, which I wrote fourteen years ago but still haven’t pushed out the door yet. The good news is after reading it for the first time in a decade, it’s not as bad as I feared. Which might explain why those I’ve shared the PDF with in recent years have had only nice things to say about it. If anyone wants to hold my hand through the self-publishing process, or even just give this thing an editor’s once over, I would be forever grateful.

3. Trained as a volunteer on the MSST (Member Service Support Team) for PNA Village, which basically means working with SalesForce to log service requests, find volunteers to fill those requests and related activities. I get to start this two hours a week gig soon.

4. Hung my ten Fruit Voodoodles paintings up at CMA Gallery in Wallingford, Seattle, WA, had a reception on February 23 and sold three of them. The show is up till March 23. I finally heard from the Phinneywood Art Walk and they’ve accepted my work into their database, which means a business in my own ‘hood could potentially contact me someday if they think my paintings would be a good fit for their space.

5. Learned how to crochet and finished a blanket, mostly while watching the Olympics.

My crocheted blanket receives its first feline inspection.

My crocheted blanket receives its first feline inspection.

6. Planning a trip to Scotland, which involved researching places to stay in three different places, booking four different places, buying plane tickets, and important things like learning how to order tea in the UK.

7. Oh and then there’s been a ton of auction related activity involving three different auctions: everything from donating items, picking up donated items, researching costumes and trying to scare up silent auction location sites.

I won’t even get started on the recent trials of parenting a third grader who is going through a phase of hating homework. Or all the time I’ve wasted on Facebook, which is where it seems like at least 50% of my friends spend so much of their time these days.

No wonder I’ve haven’t had time for blogging or a real social life. Now, if anyone is free for lunch some day, let me know!

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