A Bit of My History

Back in the early 1990s I had a zine called Jittering Microscope. I listed with Factsheet Five and traded zines and writing with people all over the world. I laid the thing out myself with rubber cement and 8 1/2 x 11″ copy paper and wrapped it in an 11 x 17″ cover. For the cover of one issue, “Rumpled Quilt Skin,” I coerced my then boyfriend to lift his shirt and lay down on the Xerox 5090 machine in “photo” mode in order to wrap the zine with his naked chest. For another issue, “The Poser’s Coffeetable”, I photocopied the contents of our coffee table, complete with a Nietzsche book, incense  and Kretek cigarettes.

I don’t think I ever sold more than 40 copies of each issue, but for some reason I got weirded out when a stranger came up to me on the street and asked me when the next issue would be available. I stopped after seven issues and moved onto the next project, which I believe might have been spending ridiculous amounts of time on the Internet via Delphi, in the pre-www years, or playing way too much Civilization. And then I moved to Seattle and forgot about all that stuff for years.

So I was just looking through an old CD-rom and found typed copies of many of the writings I once published in Jittering Microscope and possibly even from my old chapbook, Realism for Idealists. These are some of the same things I used to read out loud at parties and official “poetry readings,” back in the days when I did that sort of thing (and in rare cases actually got paid to do it).

I’ve decided to start republishing these writings on my blog, “warts and all” and I’ll tag them “Jittering Microscope” or “vault”. I’m hoping that doing this will inspire me to write some new poems and stories, because there’s nothing quite like rereading your old stuff to make you think “I can do better.”

P.S. I’ve also posted some of my earlier paintings.

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