Poem from the Vault: Plants

don’t need
to hug or kiss them
or praise them.
They are solitary and content,
entwined only
in the intimate embrace
of the web of life
where the sun rises and sets
like a slow heartbeat
and the rain gives nourishment

Poem from the Vault: Gilded Cage

Gilded Cage

I sat within a gilded cage—

fervently calm, smothered in rage.

On occasion, you threw in seeds

as if that would cover my needs.

Remember the way you would stare

at the one you thought was in there.

You bragged I was nicely feathered;

your ornament, trapped and tethered.

Yet inside I felt dazzling light

alone in the vivid black night.

Peace and mercy were with me there

kindly guiding me with their care.

God knew I could do more than wait

for someone to decide my fate.

When I saw the open cage door

my heart fluttered, my soul implored.

Finding the strength with in me to try,

my wings carried me to the sky.

Poem from the Vault: Faking


When the distance

between the inside of my stomach

and the outside of my mouth

is too close

to be comfortable;

It occurs to me

that what I want

and the things I do

are often very

far apart.

That I can’t always pretend

to like

something that repulses me.

One day I know

that the trash I have swallowed whole

and the empty shells I have spat out


like ghosts return

to kick me

where I am

most hollow.

[Originally published in Jittering Microscope #4, 1992]

Newsy new news

If you missed my paintings when they hung at CMA Gallery, you can now see them at Gordito’s in Greenwood, minus the three that sold from the last show. I always wanted to see how my Fruit Voodoodles would look with a brick wall backdrop, and I’d say they look pretty good.

Fruit Voodoodles at Gordito's

Also I’ve updated my blog with a new category of humorous mayhem and a page for my older paintings.

Clicking the vault tag will now bring up my poetry from ancient times (i.e. the early 1990s).