Poem from the Vault: For Jay, at Devils Tower, Wyoming

For Jay, at Devils Tower, Wyoming

Starlit slumber –

the stillness of your face

the curve of the water jar

tucked into the sand

so as not to spill

– a bit of the river

you carry to sustain you

on your walking path

backwards through the suns and moons,

when you swam inside

your mother,

before you melted

into the world.

You shift position

and the horizon yawns,

a drop of water spills out of your eye.

The air –

that fills the space

between the bright black sky

and your closed, quivering eyelids–

you take in like a lover,

with the rise and fall of your chest,

a cascading hill,

a smooth plain that stretches out

for a lifetime.

[Originally published in Jittering Microscope #7, 1991, though I just added the title to it]

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