Scotland: Gluten-free

"Hey! It's really freakin' hot in here!" Sorry gluten-free bread, but you are much better toasted.

“Hey! It’s really freakin’ hot in here!”
Sorry gluten-free bread, but you are much better toasted.

A couple of years ago I went gluten-free. After feeling much better and losing some weight, too, I decided to experiment on myself, and I learned that I am not so severely effected by gluten that I must avoid all cross-contamination lest a single wheat crumb send me to the hospital. (Such people are out there, and I feel for them, and hope they can get the respect for their condition that they deserve in this climate of gluten-free pseudo-trendiness that has currently beset our culture).

I had heard that some people like myself who just have some gluten-intolerance but not a full blown case of celiac disease can safely eat the wheat products in Europe without ill effects. This apparently has something to do with the increased amount of cross-breeding and hybridization that American wheat has undergone, but European wheat has not (at least not to such a degree). So on my recent trip to Scotland I experimented on myself again, and tried wheat products at least six different times. Part of the time, I felt the effects of gluten (increased hunger, lethargy and/or foggy brain) and part of the time I did not.

In conclusion, I am resolved to continue eating gluten-free for now, but I know that small amounts will not cause a huge problem for me.

Meanwhile, I’d like to share a picture of my favorite gluten-free bread that I could only find at Tesco stores in Scotland. It’s their own brand.



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