Adventures in Gluten-free Vegetarianism, 4

So I was walking to a yarn store and thought of how some people won’t even use wool because it comes from a sheep and that’s like, animal slavery, especially if the wool animals are treated badly. At the same time, if the animals are well treated, the animal species as a whole may stand to benefit from the symbiotic relationship with humans. I mean, would we really tolerate billions of chickens, pigs and cows in this world if they didn’t taste good? If they didn’t provide us with everything from feathers to leather?

So anyhow, I’m nearly four months into this vegetarian experiment. I have eaten meat four times, which may seem like a lot, but for someone who used to eat meat at least once, if not two or three times a day, it is huge. Along the way I have discovered that fish is the thing I miss the most, for whatever reason. One of the times I ate meat was at a rehearsal dinner where I had a choice of chicken or fish. I had been dreaming about eating fish, so I took it as a sign. I chose the salmon, and enjoyed it. Twice I ate chicken breast, once because I was served it when I asked for tofu and was given chicken by mistake. I learned something: I don’t really like chicken breast. I don’t like the texture or the taste. I didn’t know that before, when I was mindlessly eating it. This is good information.

Unfortunately I’ve occasionally ended up throwing away meat that my family didn’t get around to eating; meat that I would have eaten were I not a vegetarian. Does that even make sense? There are days when I think I should just give up. At the same time, meat (especially chicken) has lost much of its appeal for me.

One thought on “Adventures in Gluten-free Vegetarianism, 4

  1. I’ve often had some of these thoughts regarding animals and eating meat. As for the last issue about tossing meat you otherwise would have eaten, I’ve heard the Dalai Lama speak on similar issues and essentially the idea is that if its wasted meat, or if you decline meat that’s offered to you, the animal suffered and died for nothing. It’s better to make use of it and eat it and make that animal’s life and death worth something. I feel it’s a bigger atrocity to let it go unused.

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