Cat Stalemate


Max. He's a trouble-making cat, how about that, he'll chew up your houseplants in five seconds flat, then he'll throw them up on your welcome mat, he's nothing but a troublemaking cat.

Max. He’s a trouble-making cat, how about that, he’ll chew up your houseplants in five seconds flat, then he’ll throw them up on your welcome mat, he’s nothing but a troublemaking cat.

You can call me a foolish pet owner if you wish, but some times you just have to learn things the hard way.

As you may recall, my cat Sketch was diagnosed with diabetes last fall, which necessitated the switch to a low carb, canned food diet. This change seemed to be working out well for both cats. But then a few weeks ago I noticed Max was eating less than usual. He would come into the kitchen and meow as if he wanted to be fed, but refused to eat more than a few nibbles of the food. It was almost as if he was eating the bare minimum just so he wouldn’t starve to death. My attitude was, “Well that’s your food now, so eat it.” So the stalemate continued.

After a few days, or maybe it was a week, he began seeming lethargic most of the day and just slept a lot. Considering he is nearly fifteen years old, I began to worry his time with us was drawing to a close. So off to the vet we went…blood tests, urine tests, an abdomen ultrasound, a shot of anti-nausea drug, and an appetite stimulant pill. All the tests came up with nothing.

So what did we learn? Apparently, a cat would rather starve itself than eat food it doesn’t like. Now that I’m tempting him with yummy non-low-carb dry food that I sneak to him while Sketch is out of the room, he’s eating more and is awake more.

Cats. If they weren’t so adorable, soft and warm, I wouldn’t put up with this diva behavior.

Ever had an animal refuse to eat because it didn’t like the food on offer?

2 thoughts on “Cat Stalemate

  1. My sister Violet is diabetic and would rather eat anything than her own food! My mom finally found a high protein dry food Violet seems to like. For now at least! We cats can be very finicky… and stubborn!

  2. I’ve had more than one cat do this, and I have always lost that particular game of chicken. Then again, I have only had one cat at a time, which simplifies things a bit.

    My current furry diva needs to have a low-carb wet food diet, and when she’s being particularly resistant, I’ve often found that I can bribe her by sprinkling a bit of relatively low-carb, grain-free dry food on top of the wet food. She loves the kibble so much that she will usually end up eating most of the wet food in her attempt to get every last bit of the kibble. The vet says that’s a reasonable compromise.

    Good luck with your kitties.

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