Day 7: Walk us through your process for your current project.

Walk us through your process for your current project.

Well, I guess my “current project” is NaNoWriMo, which I am using to try to get some words on page for my third novel, the Truculent States of Oblivion. This book is a work of social commentary that takes place in a parallel universe of the United States of America, a country where the 12th amendment (states’ rights) has been taken to an extreme. It is shaping up as more of a collection of short stories, which will eventually have a longer story winding through it, which involves three travelers in a Taco Pasta Food Truck roadtripping through the TSO.

So how do I get going with a book like this?

Well, I have several documents going. One contains ideas, the other contains details on all the states, another contains some character sketches. Then I have the main document itself, which is also full of notes and ideas. I used the square bracket [ a lot as a guiding symbol to point out where I need to add something or change something. That’s my tactic for not letting the Editor Voice stop me in process. If the Editor Voice has something to say, it goes in square brackets.

Here’s an example of how this works, on a piece of invented fiction I’m making up just for this blog post:

Susie stopped in her tracks. [Don’t forget to give readers a physical description of Susie at some point]

There on the floor was the ugliest piece of taxidermy she’d ever seen. It was a giant [bear?] with a huge pink tongue, sharp teeth and beady [cliche] eyes. It sprawled flat on the floor, each of four paws heading in a different direction. [Could this be a metaphor for something in Susie’s past?]

[She has some dialog with the bear]

Turning around in huff, she stormed from the room, determined to give her uncle a piece of her mind [can this be said more creatively?]

So that’s should give you some good insight into how I get through the writing process without getting overwhelmed or halted in the middle of letting ideas flow.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo, too? Maybe we could be buddies.

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