Questions that my fiction is making me ask

So I’ve been working hard on NaNoWriMo this month: a speculative fiction novel. Throughout the course of working on it, a number of questions have come to my mind, most of which I still do not have answers to. I’m going to throw these out as a teaser for what I’m working on, and of course, if you have any thoughts about answers, please comment and share.

  1. How many dogs can live in a 10,000 km enclosure, assuming there’s nothing else there but water troughs, food dishes and some shelters?
  2. If a dog ate impact diamonds mixed with dirt, would they be able to pass them without harm?
  3. What measures would a state government take if all health care were subsidized and they wanted to keep residents from having to go to the doctor or hospital too often?
  4. If so much ground water were pumped out of a coastal state that salt water started seeping into the water table, would it be possible to harvest salt from it?
  5. What’s the best way to eliminate terrorism and encourage people to be respectful of differences?

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