Day 23: Write about one of your biggest failures. What did you learn from that experience? #crazyrebelliousart

I’m probably supposed to be writing about a creative failure. For those, I’ve got my Learn From Art blog, which is supposed to feature art I’ve made and what I learned from making it. Some of those are things that didn’t quite come out the way I wanted but I took it as a learning experience.

In general, I think the worst creative failure is the one you never even start, or don’t bother to see through to completion.

Beyond the realm of creativity, I feel like a failure when I say something and end up hurting or annoying someone. There’s part of my INFJ self that really just wants to live as a hermit and not have to deal with anyone, so I can theoretically eliminate the risk of ever causing another person pain. Of course, this is sheer idealism. If I never speak up, I will never have the chance to help someone, which is what I dearly want to be doing.

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