Day 25. Five resources you’d recommend to anyone who wants to get into your industry. #crazyrebelliousart

Hmm, well I don’t have just one “industry.”

For writing, I recommend CreateSpace if you’d like to self-publish. You can have them do an editorial review of your work for a reasonable price, and answer all sorts of valuable questions that serve as a sanity check for whether you really do have a good book to offer the world. For editing fiction, I recommend my editor Teri, the Editing Fairy.

For knitting and crochet there’s no better resource than Ravelry. I’m summerleaf on there if you want to friend me.

For painting, if you are local to Seattle, check out Artists & Craftsman Supply.

And this is pretty random, but if you are so busy doing your creative work that you don’t have time to cook, check out food delivery service Munchery.

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