“Super Spinach”

I don’t know about you, but when I buy spinach, I usually want just spinach. But lately I’ve been fooled into buying some spinach/greens blends because I didn’t realize that “Super Spinach” is some sort of marketing ploy.

IMG_7463 IMG_7461

Here we find bok choy, kale, mizuna and chard hiding out in the spinach, like super spies, waiting to see if you can detect the difference in taste.

I can only assume these companies are trying to trick spinach people into eating other greens. If so it works because I have given my unsuspecting spinach-loving ten year old “super spinach” and she hasn’t noticed. The downside to this ploy is when you have a recipe that would benefit from spinach flavor, but would not benefit from the flavor of mizuna, or the farty goodness of bok choy and kale, and you accidentally buy this instead of pure spinach.

Have you experienced Super Spinach or something similar?

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