President Female…does it even matter?

Cartoon of Hillary looking off the notes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Cartoon by Chris Cillizza

There’s a woman running for President, and she has a decent chance of becoming the first female President of the USA.

I am also, technically, female. So there are some people trying to tell me that as a female, I am obligated to support this woman.

However, I do not relate to being female.

You know how in dreams, you float around from place to place and are rarely aware of having a body? That’s how I am in “real life.” Even when I’m doing “female” things like giving birth or breastfeeding, I do not feel female. It’s just irrelevant to me. And so, I really don’t care that Hillary Clinton is female. I vote with my brain, not my vagina.

But let’s compare this to something else: race and ethnicity. I have very little sense of connection to my white, European background. So I get a little confused when people make a big deal out of these things. But in recent years, I’ve learned how much these things matter to some people. For example, thanks to experiences teaching me how black people in America are often unfairly targeted by the police, I understand better how the color of your skin can accord with privilege or a lack thereof.

I’ve also seen how little some of our lawmakers care about legislation that will help female-bodied individuals, and in fact, would be happy to approve legislation that could be downright deadly to women. It reminds me of the old saying that if men could get pregnant, they wouldn’t be so cavalier about trying to prevent abortion.

So, sure, things like sex, race and ethnicity do matter in society. I can understand that intellectually. But in my heart I’m just a soul/mindstream floating around, wondering why we feel the need to label and categorize ourselves. Still, I recognize the privilege I have in being able to see my sex, color and ethnic background as irrelevant. Not everyone can.

What makes females appreciated as lawmakers anyway?  I would argue it because they are more likely to grok the importance of kindness and equality, and they are more likely to understand that we are all in the same boat together. I have seen Bernie Sanders express those things with both words and actions. While Hillary Clinton has a different sort of reputation. So I tend to agree with this author, that the best feminist for president isn’t necessarily a woman.

I’ll leave you with this awesome video:

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