3 Types of Days…Game Style


How are things going with you lately? Are you “getting stuff done” or trying to crawl out of a hole?

You may notice that on any given day, your situation falls into one of the following niches:

  1. Domino Days. These are the days when someone is ill, the car won’t start, the phone keeps ringing with pointless calls, and someone either cancelled something or stuck something new on your schedule that you weren’t expecting. Now, like a domino that has been pushed against a stacked row, a series of unexpected things you need to “deal with” have suddenly come your way, making it impossible for you to do even half of what you’d planned.
  2. Scrabble Days. On a Scrabble Day, you are at the mercy of whatever you pull out of the bag, and to some degree, whatever the people around you are laying down. However, for at least part of the time, you control the board and can actually find time to earn some points in the game of life.
  3. Solitaire Days. Thanks to the rest of the world mostly leaving you alone, you can carve out time to obsessively work on a big project you’ve been needing to do. If you are lucky, you can get a number of these days in a row, and may finish writing your novel or whatever you have planned.

Want to try this game? Tell me about another type of day, hmm?

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