Poem: Flower of Life

Image of Flower of Life









Flower of life

for Nassim Haramein

‘Flower of life’

sounds like a cliché

something techno new age –

you take the wub-wub and the unsk-unsk,

stir them in with a side of woo-woo,

and like that –

blooms a vase full of ravers and hippies at a

physics conference.


Why are those people here, in the land of the science-mind?

Maybe they want to, you know, understand how the world works,

just like anyone else?

Perhaps they have seen the fractal infinity inside a finite circle

and think it’s daft to build larger and larger accelerators

to find a particle that will never stop being smaller and smaller.

Was it not a physicist who first imagined a particle and labeled it ‘God’?

So here they come

flowers in hand

looking for the meaning of life.

Which of you skeptics will hurl the first insult

like a stone

toward those who have sinned,

their faces blossoming with hope and faith?

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