Poem: Cunning Plan of the Selfish, Short-sighted and Greedy

[OK, perhaps not much of a poem, but this is where my mind has been, and it’s NaPoWriMo so here you go]

Put politicians in office
who will change the laws to benefit
Make our government small and weak
so it cannot enforce the laws
on big business.
Then we make lots of money,
since after all, everyone knows
money equals happiness.

To do this…
Put congresspeople in office
who won’t do their jobs.
Run people for President
who seem dumb, crazy or incompetent.
Convince the people the government sucks,
so they won’t vote
and everyone will nod their heads knowingly
when anyone mentions
how much they hate politics.
So then, when you strip away regulations on big business,
and give corporate tax breaks
few will complain.
After all, business just has to be better than government.
The business owners, who bought out the politicians, are telling us so.
The rich get richer
the poor get poorer
working people will be too busy working
to notice what’s going on,
to notice how they have been tricked.

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