Poem: Busy Mom Plans Dinner

NaPoWriMo mid-month review

I must admit this is tough to do…writing a poem every day. Especially when you’re a busy mom with a kid home for spring break, and getting ready for a Step Show competition on Saturday.

So today’s poem is about trying to make dinner as a busy mom.

Plan for the week:
Kid has practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights
Dinner derailment noted
Arrange for physical activity on Friday
—there’s no practice then.
Long day…get some take out.

Practice tonight after all.
You screwed up a recipe
so you cannot do
Monday night’s dinner plan.

Make soup
Forget half the ingredients
broth tastes like water.
Kid loves it anyway—
bright spot noted.

New physical ailment
means recipe must change.
Ingredients used up
earlier in the week.

Suddenly…no practice
Free time ensues.
Dinner out — will it be
Indian food or
a hot dog from Target?
Kid decides.

Bouncing all day.
But guess what?
Suddenly now there’s also practice.
Tired child and mom —
random snack food dinner.

Out all day
at the fair.
Mom needs food
that will not make her sick.
Brings her own.

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