Poem: Unnamed Cafe in my Neighborhood

When it first opened
there were sandwiches
with wonderful
gluten-free baguettes
and many teas
on offer.
Then, I could still eat cheese.
Now when I visit
this place
I’m the only one there
during lunch hour.
I know the coffee
will give me heartburn.
The tea varieties are
slim to none.
I will have to ask
for a salad and tell them
to leave off the parmesan.
At least they still
have gluten-free bread.

[PostScript: Ha! So it’s near the end of the month and I am running short on ideas. I just wanted to say how amazed I am when I walk around my ‘hood and see that there are still restaurants in this world who serve wheat, dairy and deep fried foods. It’s as if they hate their customers and want them to be sick and die young. That’s how I feel but I know many who wouldn’t agree. Though I would challenge those people to quit wheat, dairy and deep fried foods for a month and see if maybe some of their health problems (they maybe didn’t even know they had) just disappear. Anyway, in my ‘hood, one of the busiest places is Chaco Canyon, the vegan place that serves a lot of gluten-free stuff. Certain other restaurants in Greenwood should take notice of that.]

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