Poem: Cat shaving season

Sketch the cat

Sketch the cat

When the weather is warm,
the groomer appears
and we
shave the cat.

The butt trim is essential —
no more running all crazy-cakes
from the cat box,
as if being chased
by a dangling dingleberry.

The mane trim is important —
because this messy eater
cannot lick the bib of fluff
under his own chin.

Take off the body and leg fur,
‘cause warm weather
is no fun for a big furball.
Give that poor tongue a rest.

Flip him over
a 180 or 360
catches him off guard
so he’ll be still for another minute
till he figures out
what just happened.

And very soon
our cat is a naked
soft as a peach.

[Thank you Better Kitty Spa]


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