Poem: Cat shaving season

Sketch the cat

Sketch the cat

When the weather is warm,
the groomer appears
and we
shave the cat.

The butt trim is essential —
no more running all crazy-cakes
from the cat box,
as if being chased
by a dangling dingleberry.

The mane trim is important —
because this messy eater
cannot lick the bib of fluff
under his own chin.

Take off the body and leg fur,
‘cause warm weather
is no fun for a big furball.
Give that poor tongue a rest.

Flip him over
a 180 or 360
catches him off guard
so he’ll be still for another minute
till he figures out
what just happened.

And very soon
our cat is a naked
soft as a peach.

[Thank you Better Kitty Spa]

2 thoughts on “Poem: Cat shaving season

  1. Hi Alyssa,

    I run the betterkitty.com website and blog for Rose Silcox.

    I would like your permission to use this poem as a blog post on our new blog, Purrs and Paws. Of course we will credit you and refer to your blog, if you wish.

    Also would like to use the pictures of Max shaved and his puff ball tail for the main website. perhaps the videos at a future date.

    Love the poem!


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