30 Days of New Foods Blog Challenge: Day 1…Poke Bowl

If 9/11 was the day America learned that foreign terrorism had come to US soil, 11/9 was the day American learned that domestic terrorists — following the example of President Elect Donald Trump —  were coming out of the shadows and feeling justified in attacking people different from themselves. (If you don’t believe this, Google “trump’s america day 1”.) But this isn’t a depressing post about hate, or about denigrating people who fear-bully those different from them. It’s about celebrating the diversity of yum!

I’ve always been a somewhat adventurous eater, but yesterday I resolved to try…new foods! The majority of them will be “foreign” foods, at least to me. And I’m going to do this for at least thirty days, though I cannot guarantee all the days will be consecutive.

I’ll start the challenge with the food I ate yesterday, a Poke Bowl purchased at Central Market.

First I ate it:




I found this one to be very, very salty. Now, I know I can’t judge something like this from a supermarket grab and go, but if I had to describe it in a nutshell I’d call it a Korean-style Chirashi bowl. (Sorry cringing Hawai’ians).

Anyway, let’s learn more about it. Poke (pronounced “POH-keh”) is a dish from Hawai’i. It is usually a bed of rice with raw fish and veggies on top. There are a lot of different combinations you could come up with. The one I got seemed pretty classic, but what do I know?

If you’ve got more poke experience, or recommendations for where I can get some awesome good poke in Seattle-town, please comment.

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