Thanks Obama

Tote Bag I got from the DSCC

Tote Bag I got from the DSCC

We’ve been pretty spoiled these past eight years. I mean, Barack Obama hasn’t been perfect; who is? But having his intelligent self in the White House has been a pleasant shift from the Reign of Dumb that appears to have started with Ronald Reagan and Dan Quayle and has only been getting worse. Despite unprecedented obstruction from Congress, Mr. Obama managed to get a lot done these past eight years, undoing some of the mess made by George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Sure I’m biased. Voted for Mr. Obama both times, and I seem to get more liberal with every year I continue educating myself about the way the world works.

So I’m not sure what else I wanted to say, except Thanks, Obama. And no matter what anyone says, you are not a cactus.


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