Funding Education in WA state

Even if you don’t have kids in public schools, you probably know that the future is in the hands of young people, and want those young people to be prepared by having a good education. Here’s a couple of concrete things you can do to help.

Action Item #1:
Governor Jay Inslee has released his 2017-19 budget and it aims to fully fund our schools, which should be of special interest to WA state parents, who have perhaps, like me, grown tired of having to vote for tax levies and chip in to PTA fundraisers so that our school kids have what they need.
His plan actually manages to reduce property taxes in 119 districts, because we’d no longer have to keep voting to use property taxes to fund schools. According to Seattle Times: “In the Seattle School District the local property-tax bill would drop an average of $262 per taxpayer in the 2018-19 school year, while taxes in the Bellevue School District would drop an average of $297, according to the governor’s office.”  
The new taxes he invokes are things like a carbon tax and capital gains tax, which we should have in place any way, in my opinion.
Please write to your legislators and ask them to support Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget, which will fully fund basic education in WA state. 

Action Item #2:
Additionally, we need to ask legislators to vote to extend the levy cliff as soon as they get in session, because if education isn’t fully funded in our state by April 15, 2017, schools across the state face a major shortfall.
I was at a Budget meeting Tuesday night and they are already preparing for the worst. Cuts will be felt across all districts and all areas. Its especially important to ask your GOP legislators (if you have any) to extend the levy cliff, because from what Senator Reuven Carlyle said last night, the GOP controlled state Senate last year refused to do this, because they wanted to force the issue by having the school system break down completely. The stakes are higher this year, as a $74 million shortfall is projected when a balloon payment on taxes is due April 15, 2017.

You can write your legislators and ask them to extend the levy cliff, or print postcards from a link at the bottom of this page.

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