30 Days of New Foods: Day 14: Moscow Mule Kettle Chips

What will those people at Kettle Chips think of next? I’ve never even drank a Moscow Mule, but had to try these chips. Lime and ginger? What’s not to like. Definitely worth trying.


P.S. I bought these in San Leandro, CA


I painted an American Flag


I believe it’s time to take American patriotism back from the right. Toward that end, I have painted an American flag, complete with 13 stripes and 50 stars, using acrylic paint on a wood panel. I then photographed and uploaded it, so you can get your own American flag stickers for your car, or t-shirt, or whatever. Now you can purchase patriotic merch and have your money go to support progressive values!

What’s Everyone Freaking Out About Today?

If I could be cynical for a bit…my brain thinks it’s visiting social media for some excitement, but what’s really happening is a desire to get an answer to one or more of the following questions:

  • What event or news is everyone upset about today?
  • What’s the latest thing we are criticizing each other for doing, or not doing?
  • What well known person has died, and how many people are going to freak out because of it?
  • Which movie/TV Show/cultural phenomenon is everyone distracting themselves with?

Here’s the thing: Do I really want answers to these questions? I don’t.

Like anyone, what I’m really seeking is happiness. Remember happiness? Good old happiness. It certainly isn’t to be found in the realm of social media.

30 Days of New Foods: Day 13: Girl Scouts Thin Mint Gum

This is one of those “seems like a great idea” things. It’s a xylitol-based chewing gum that tastes like mint and…chocolate 😛 The chocolate is the problem in my opinion. Chocolate “flavor” has no place in chewing gum. It just tastes “off” to me. I gave the the rest of the packet to my 11-year-old who doesn’t seem to mind it.


In case you are interested, I bought it at the Target at Northgate, it was in the check out aisle.



The return of the infamous “Knife, Bread, Toaster”


I painted this concept originally in oils many years ago, at the Fremont Fresh Art festival and it sold at auction for $50. Years later I was bummed I didn’t have a high-res photo of it, so I did what any sensible artist would do: I repainted the thing. Now you can own your own copy, or have it printed on a t-shirt, skirt, or other fun stuff, by the nice folks at RedBubble.com.