I painted an American Flag


I believe it’s time to take American patriotism back from the right. Toward that end, I have painted an American flag, complete with 13 stripes and 50 stars, using acrylic paint on a wood panel. I then photographed and uploaded it, so you can get your own American flag stickers for your car, or t-shirt, or whatever. Now you can purchase patriotic merch and have your money go to support progressive values!

What’s Everyone Freaking Out About Today?

If I could be cynical for a bit…my brain thinks it’s visiting social media for some excitement, but what’s really happening is a desire to get an answer to one or more of the following questions:

  • What event or news is everyone upset about today?
  • What’s the latest thing we are criticizing each other for doing, or not doing?
  • What well known person has died, and how many people are going to freak out because of it?
  • Which movie/TV Show/cultural phenomenon is everyone distracting themselves with?

Here’s the thing: Do I really want answers to these questions? I don’t.

Like anyone, what I’m really seeking is happiness. Remember happiness? Good old happiness. It certainly isn’t to be found in the realm of social media.

30 Days of New Foods: Day 13: Girl Scouts Thin Mint Gum

This is one of those “seems like a great idea” things. It’s a xylitol-based chewing gum that tastes like mint and…chocolate 😛 The chocolate is the problem in my opinion. Chocolate “flavor” has no place in chewing gum. It just tastes “off” to me. I gave the the rest of the packet to my 11-year-old who doesn’t seem to mind it.


In case you are interested, I bought it at the Target at Northgate, it was in the check out aisle.



The return of the infamous “Knife, Bread, Toaster”


I painted this concept originally in oils many years ago, at the Fremont Fresh Art festival and it sold at auction for $50. Years later I was bummed I didn’t have a high-res photo of it, so I did what any sensible artist would do: I repainted the thing. Now you can own your own copy, or have it printed on a t-shirt, skirt, or other fun stuff, by the nice folks at RedBubble.com.

30 Days of New Foods: Day 12: Rebanaditas Lollipop

This reminds me of a story someone told me about her trip to Pakistan. After a very spicy meal, she was grateful to see fruit served for dessert, but then horrified when she realized that even the fruit was dowsed with chili powder.

This lollipop, made in Mexico, is basically watermelon flavored candy, coated with salt and chili powder.




So you lick it and get the salt and chili flavor, then eventually you get the watermelon flavor.

I think this would have been decent, but for one thing: stale chili powder. It smelled musty and old and that made it pretty unpalatable for me. My husband was not impressed either. Our child, however, likes them. And anything that gets her experimenting with spicy food is worth trying.