Twin Peaks stole my friends, but who needs ’em

I keep hearing some buzz about how Twin Peaks is back, or something. I never watched the original show, but do recall the sadness of wishing I could hang out with certain friends on nights when Twin Peaks was on TV in the early 1990s. They were glued to their TV, and although I could share the same room, I could not have their attention when the show was on. Instead of thinking, “must be an awesome show, maybe I should watch,” I just cringed at the creepy-ass soundtrack, and got resentful of Twin Peaks for stealing my friends.

Fast forward to now, where there are so many options for entertainment-on-demand. I still get a little sad when I realize that I don’t share the same interests in entertainment with the majority of people I know, but it matters less. Ultimately, I’ve realized I really don’t need the company of others to be happy.


This post feels pretty immature, but whatevs. 😛 <–that’s me sticking my tongue out.

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