How Many Books Can You Read in a Lifetime?

My GoodReads account has a feature that lets me set a goal for how many books I’m going to read in a year. This year my goal is 40, a bit higher than previous years. I’ve read 20 books so far in 2018. Usually the only way I reach my goal is by including plenty of manga and graphic novels in the count, because those practically read themselves.

One day I was thinking: How many more books can I possibly read in my lifetime? I’m 50, and let’s say I live to be 90. If I have 40 more years of reading 40 books a year (which is pretty optimistic if you ask me), that’s 1600 books. I have 23 books on my Amazon wish list, and over 130 books on my to-be-read shelves. So the books I have slated to read represent almost 10% of what I could possibly read over my lifetime, in the best case scenario. I can’t decide how I feel about that.

FWIW I wrote a book and published it in 2014, here’s my Goodreads Author Profile.