Things I’ve learned so far this year

  1. A loved one (such as my dear cat Sketch in his final weeks) can be disgustingly matted, drooling and ill, and yet still be absolutely snuggly and lovable. Now I can face my own final years of being my own brand of gross and still feel like I have value and something to offer. Likewise, I have less fear than before of having to care for aging family and friends. You can have weird skin things sticking out of your face, and food coming out out of the corner of your mouth, and I will still love you.
  2. The symptoms of a Middle Aged Woman (aka perimenopause and menopause) are so awful that they can be confused with cancer. (I don’t have cancer).
  3. If your bloodwork shows higher than normal blood calcium, you might have hyperparathyroidism, which is easily cured with surgery (I am going to have surgery).
  4. Hyperparathyroidism causes many of the same symptoms that Middle Aged Women face anyway, like fatigue, forgetfulness, frequent urination, trouble sleeping, osteoporosis and pain in the bones, joints and muscles. I highly encourage anyone with such symptoms to get their blood calcium checked.
  5. The new Jun Mochizuki manga series The Case Study of Vanitas is all shades of awesome, and I tell you this so I have an excuse to post this picture.

    Noé Archiviste and his cat, Murr