Facebook “sale format”

I wanted to sell a computer so I posted about it on Facebook, figuring it was a good way to access a few hundred friends and acquaintances. Facebook apparently has a new thing called “sale format” and it decided that my post fit their concept. So now instead of a normal post, where I can actually read my comments, I have a “sale format” post, which Facebook is so controlling over that it even gets to decide by how much I can lower my price:


Facebook decides how much I can lower my price



I figured this should be something I should be able to turn off, but it seems you cannot turn it off on a phone. Even the obvious things like “Edit Post” and “Manage your listings” have nothing about this.

No way to fix this problem on a phone.

But if you go to a computer, and click on the three dots to the left of the post, you can “Turn off sale format.”

I did this and now when I try to view the comments on my phone, Facebook tells me “This listing no longer exists.”


This resolved itself after I restarted Facebook.



The three worlds are impermanent as the clouds of autumn.
The births and deaths of beings are like watching a dance.
The speed of human life is like lightening in the sky.
It passes swiftly as a stream down a steep mountain.*


*From the “Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind Toward the Dharma.”

Lightening in a bottle


My husband gave me this lightening in a bottle: sand that has been struck by lightening. It’s as if the sand has been frozen in time, from the moment of its electrification.

We do this all the time, mentally, with ourselves and everything around us. We try to cling to happy times, relationships we care about it, things we enjoy, and expectations around health and longevity. But like lightening, we are here in a flash and gone. I find this oddly comforting.






Refillable Dental Floss

Want to take a small step toward reducing plastic waste? Consider this refillable dental floss. I subscribe to refills of this floss and highly recommend it. Prior to using this product, I was using Glide, which contains teflon, is super slippery, and has been found not to work very well (my dentist told me this). This floss is nice and grippy and gets the gunk out. Plus you don’t have to toss a plastic thingy every time you run out!



The month started strong
with poetry and song
then I got too busy
really almost dizzy
with obligations
to others
the relegation
of mothers’
needs to the backseat
they all suck my teat
like I’ve got an endless supply
of energy and time
and I don’t know why
I wrote this rhyme
except now the month is through
and I wrote this for me, not you.

Island Greens on Whidbey Island. Has nothing to do with the poem.