Facebook “sale format”

I wanted to sell a computer so I posted about it on Facebook, figuring it was a good way to access a few hundred friends and acquaintances. Facebook apparently has a new thing called “sale format” and it decided that my post fit their concept. So now instead of a normal post, where I can actually read my comments, I have a “sale format” post, which Facebook is so controlling over that it even gets to decide by how much I can lower my price:


Facebook decides how much I can lower my price



I figured this should be something I should be able to turn off, but it seems you cannot turn it off on a phone. Even the obvious things like “Edit Post” and “Manage your listings” have nothing about this.

No way to fix this problem on a phone.

But if you go to a computer, and click on the three dots to the left of the post, you can “Turn off sale format.”

I did this and now when I try to view the comments on my phone, Facebook tells me “This listing no longer exists.”


This resolved itself after I restarted Facebook.


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