Life without Facebook

I thought about disabling my account to break my Facebook addiction but found that it helped a lot of just delete the app from my phone and iPad, stop posting directly, and forcing myself to think carefully when the urge to post something strikes.

–Who do I really want to see this. Perhaps I could text them or email them instead?

–If I need advice on something to buy or a place I want to visit, there are many other places to ask these questions:,,,

–If I want to spout off some opinion or pithy saying, I can do it here or on Twitter

–Photos can go on Instagram

Those were my thoughts in the first week of Facebook fast.

Now a couple of weeks in, I find that I am dumping news articles and political stuff on Twitter, as a kind of Scrapbook of angst and discontent. I still don’t blog here much because it hurts to type — the perils of a full time job where I type all day. And Instagram, which I really don’t like, is ok for photos and occasional thoughts.

Frankly, life is a little overwhelming right now, so I don’t have much to give. I am optimistic that at some point in the next year, my work will ease up somehow, I will finally have a kitchen and uncluttered living room and working fireplace again, and that we will have some kind of COVID-19 vaccine.

Sending virtual hugs to all.

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