What I learned from 8 weeks of medical leave

I am by nature a “get things done” kind of person and if I don’t watch out it breaks me. There is a balance I need to find between getting things done and pushing through pain till it’s a problem.

I can annoy people by asking them to do things I need done, and can be annoyed by people when they ignore my pleas and trigger my feelings of helplessness. Trying to figure out when and how to ask, when each person has a different communication preference/requirement, can feel like an impossible puzzle for someone like me, who doesn’t understand how a person could be standing right next to rotting food that has been sitting out for three days, complain about the smell, yet not make the connection that maybe they are the one who has the power to do something about it.

High deductible health care plans are a dumb choice for most people.

Just because I have a to-do list, doesn’t mean I have to complete it.

Given a choice between watching some sort of movie/TV/video vs reading a book I choose the book, 98% of the time.

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