Crocheted Edges on Blankets

Photo of a blue blanket with crocheted edges


Last year in the middle of lockdown I decided to take up a new hobby, crocheting edges on fleece blankets.

I collected fleece, acrylic yarn, and one of those circular blades that cuts tiny holes in the edges of fleece, watched some instructional videos, chose my crochet edge pattern, and made the blanket pictured.

Then in August I hurt my wrist, then in October, my other wrist, and literally haven’t touched a yarn project since.

I think I may be on the mend, and hope to start playing with yarn again soon.

Did you take up any new hobbies during COVID-19?


In all my years of having opinions about abortion, I never knew about this

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I’m not sure what I expected when I picked up the book Birth Strike, but I was pleasantly surprised when I realized a big focus of the book is about how governments use population control as a lever for the economy. Women are expected to produce (or not produce) babies at the will of those who control the government, and as you know, the government in the USA is now partly controlled by corporate interests. It is to the advantage of corporations (aka employers of those future taxpayers that women give birth to), to keep the nation in a state of partial unemployment, in order to keep wages down, as people desperate for a job will take what they can get.

How does this relate to the current situation in the USA, where there is frequent talk of overturning the Roe v Wade ruling, which legalized abortion in 1973? Roe v Wade was possible in 1973 because in the wake of the baby boom, we had too many workers, according to the powers that be. In recent decades, however, millions of workers are not earning enough to support a family, and are delaying having children.

People of working/reproductive age in America today are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Many want to have children but can’t find a way to do so. The corporate backed governing powers want women to produce more future taxpayers, so that they can keep wages low, but are more often now refusing to own up to their own role in making it realistic for a woman to sustain a pregnancy and raise a child. Without things like universal early child care, flexible working hours, a living wage, health insurance benefits for all, and parental leave, many women are forced to remain childless. Trying to take away safe, legal abortion and birth control options in this situation is like pushing someone into the snow after taking away their clothes.

This is just my attempt to summarize what stuck with me most about this book, but I encourage you to read it, because the author, Jenny Brown, has a lot more to say. She presents good arguments for why universal programs are more effective than “means-tested” or “qualification-based” programs, discusses reproduction issues as they relate to race, as well as the use of immigration as a way to bring in more workers and how the notion of a big family goes along with the notion of small government. She also surveys abortion laws throughout history in a multitude of countries, talks about women feeling compelled to produce soldiers for war (aka “cannon fodder”), and presents interviews with a number of women, as well as consciousness-raising questions. Good reading!

Finished the Kitchen!

This adventure started in June 2020 when a dishwasher leak led to damaged floor and cabinets…everything had to come out, and good riddance to Old Kitchen, too, you bad news 2020 thing, you.

You can read more about the kitchen remodel process here and here. My husband Troy did most of the work “in his spare time,” and yes, that is glow in the dark tile grout that looks like lightening…that backsplash took a month to do, so no, he can’t come over to your house some weekend and do it for you.

Cabinets from Pius, floor and counter by Seattle Style Flooring. So many decisions went into this…lighting, faucets, sink, vent hood, appliances, paint and more. I’d be happy to answer any questions, if I can.

Kitchen Backsplash

My husband likes to do things the hard way.

Most people, faced with the need to add some backsplash tile to their kitchen, would either hire a professional, or if they were an ambitions DYIer, would choose one (1) type of tile and apply and grout it and be done.

But no. We have two types of tile that are completely different shapes and made of different materials. Rather than put a straight line between them, my husband purchased a wet tile saw and made intricate cuts in order to develop this pattern.

Not content to simply grout the tiles, my man applied glow in the dark powder to some, to make it look like lightening.

Still not impressed? There’s more. Two walls contain secret messages relayed by the backsplash tile grout glow. One system uses Morse code, and the other, I have no idea. The secret messages when decoded may in fact lead you to a hidden prize.

Turning matter into light

I burst in on my daughter and said, “how do I turn matter in to light?”

She starts laughing.

I continue, “I googled it and all I can find is stuff about turning light into matter. But that’s not what I want to do. There are these Buddhist gurus who when they die turn into rainbows. Their body disappears and they become rainbow light. I want to know how to do that.”

She tells me that turning light into matter is easy. That’s what plants do when they convert sunlight into plant matter. She then proposed that since humans do the opposite of plants when they breathe oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide, that humans should be able to convert matter into light. But then she admitted that none of this made any sense scientifically.  And that when matter changes, it never just disappears.

I told her that I’m a poet not a scientist.

And then I found this video, which talks about acupuncture meridians and sound. The plot thickens!

Kitchen Chaos is winding down

 I can see the end in sight. We are maybe 1 to 2 weeks away from completion on the kitchen remodel project that has dominated our lives since June 2020. I am looking forward to it. And must give all the thanks to my handyman husband and helpful daughter.