Turning matter into light

I burst in on my daughter and said, “how do I turn matter in to light?”

She starts laughing.

I continue, “I googled it and all I can find is stuff about turning light into matter. But that’s not what I want to do. There are these Buddhist gurus who when they die turn into rainbows. Their body disappears and they become rainbow light. I want to know how to do that.”

She tells me that turning light into matter is easy. That’s what plants do when they convert sunlight into plant matter. She then proposed that since humans do the opposite of plants when they breathe oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide, that humans should be able to convert matter into light. But then she admitted that none of this made any sense scientifically.  And that when matter changes, it never just disappears.

I told her that I’m a poet not a scientist.

And then I found this video, which talks about acupuncture meridians and sound. The plot thickens!

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