30 Days of New Foods: Day 23: Jackfruit

I heard that Jackfruit is sometimes used as a meat substitute, especially “Young Green Jackfruit,” and since my daughter is trying to be a vegetarian (and so am I, with slightly less commitment) I figured we should try this stuff. So I got a can at Central Market:









And found a recipe for Jackfruit Sweet Potato Curry. I left out the garlic and onions and kinda forgot to add the spinach, but I think it came out pretty good. My kid wouldn’t eat the sweet potatoes, but my husband thought it was alright. I think it’s worth getting another can.

The Jackfruit is the white part

30 Days of New Foods: Day 22: Papaya









I’ve had papaya juice before but never eaten the actual fruit. Someone suggested I try it with lime juice, so I tried it both with and without. Plain, I found the papaya tasted and smelled purfumey. The lime added an additional dimension but I can’t say for sure if it was actually an improvement. As always, I cannot be sure if the ripeness was optimal, but I tried my best to get a yellow one and then gave it a few more days on my counter. Have you had papaya? What did you think?

30 Days of New Foods: Day 21: Sweeten Radish

It’s probably supposed to be “sweetened radish” but just roll with it. I was introduced to this one via a shared recipe for Pad Thai, and actually managed to find this product at Central Market. It’s chock full of scary ingredients like food coloring and preservatives, but I chose to ignore that. Even cooked, this tastes kind of rubbery. It was decent in pad thai, but I’m not sure I can come up with another use for it. You?

30 Days of New Foods: Day 19: Sesame Ball Sushi

This looks like something I’ve had before under a different name…it’s a glutinous rice ball that tasted sort of fried, and contains red bean paste. It’s slightly sweet and quite chewy, especially if you aren’t used to gluten. I should point out that glutinous rice is fine to eat if you are “gluten-free” because it actually doesn’t contain any gluten grains. Glutinous in this case just refers to how much it sticks together. I thought it was ok.

30 Days of New Foods: Day 18: Mochi Coconut Cream Kikka Sushi

With a definite taste of coconut, these squooshy, slightly sweet mochi balls are hard to describe, flavor-wise. I couldn’t tell what flavor the pinkish one was supposed to be but the brown one was sorta chocolate and the yellow one sorta lemon. The orange, mango. Not really my thing.









You have to see how this thing acts when you cut into it…



Necco Wafer Reviews

This time, the whole family sat down and sorted the Necco wafers by color, and we each sampled some of each, then attempted to describe and rate what we were tasting. Here are the results.

I’ve included their misspellings, and emoticons, for your amusement.

Ravenna, age 11:

White: Tastes kinda like cinniomon

Pink: Good tastes like Black licorce and cinnimom.

Yellow: Tastes good, hard to discribe the flavors

Purple: Taste goodish. It’s weird

Orange: Tastes like orange

Brown: Taste like an impersonation of choclate. But kinda failing.

Black: Diffenly Black Licroce

Green: I though of floral when I tasted it but I don’t know why

Troy, age 44:

Yellow: crunchy, tastes like a urinal cake smells

Purple: anise + tart. Not purple. NOT PURPLE! It lies!

Green: OLD school 1920’s green. This or jellybean green.

Orange: 1978 version of orange subdued. Or did purple kill my palate?







Brown: much sweeter and lighter than expected. they should switch this with purple

Black: ANISE! I thought purple was anise BUT THIS IS ANISE

White: Sharp peppermint. A disappointing end to this experiment.


Alyssa, age 48:

Pink: hot cinnamon. not bad

Black: licorice. nice

Brown: ? ok, not offensive


Green: lime 

Yellow: lemon

Orange: orange

Purple – ? anise?



White: cinnamon







After seeing how we couldn’t identify or agree on all the flavors, I decided to google to find out which flavors these supposedly are, and found this on the Wikipedia page: “Each roll of Necco Wafers contains eight flavors: lemon (yellow), lime (green), orange (orange), clove (purple), cinnamon (white), wintergreen (pink), licorice (black), and chocolate (brown).”