Email Fail and Ramble

It’s obnoxious I guess, but when someone doesn’t reply to an email, sometimes I just find the email they ignored and forward it back to them, copying and pasting the exact same thing I sent before. I especially do this with party invites, because it seems that most people don’t understand what RSVP means.

Sometimes I am horrified at how many of my peers just can’t respond to emails. Especially when I’m doing them a favor. Some days my default thought is, “Will you help me so that I can help you?”

Now I get that people are busy. Many of my peers have full time jobs, small children, aging parents and household responsibilities. This is why I want to help them out, make their lives easier, if I can. But I can’t get blood from a turnip. If I need information in order to help you with the thing you want help with, then, I need information. From you. How will you get it to me? Via telepathy?

Yeah email sucks. Not everyone has gmail, which helpfully filters out Spam to make the task of checking it less overwhelming. Not everyone has a working computer. But even my parents can respond to my emails. What’s up with some of the 30- and 40- somethings?

Then there’s Facebook. I have lost count of the number of times I wish I could log off Facebook and never go there again. Unfortunately, there is information there that I need, and people there who I cannot communicate with any other way. Facebook is also a huge struggle for some people. They don’t have Messenger, because they think you have to let it bully you into accepting notifications, which you don’t have to do. So I send messages to people and never hear back, and I have no way of knowing why. I miss the college dining halls, when anyone I wanted to see was there, everyday, for lunch, dinner and sometimes breakfast.

I grew up in the 1970s and 80s. To communicate, we either saw each other in person, made a phone call, or wrote a letter. This was pretty limiting, so I welcomed these new communication technologies into my life and embraced them as best I could. Email, Texting, Usenet (oh I’m showing my age). What’s going on with the rest of Gen X? Are they just distracted by the array of television and movie options now, which are far and above much better quality than we had growing up?

I guessing most of my peers didn’t have a big advantage I had: In the early nineties, I bought a PC which apparently had a hardware conflict. Trying to figure out what was wrong with my computer consumed me for years. I was fascinated by the process, which led me deep into the CMOS, the DOS Command-Prompt, to the Jumper Pins inside the box. Eventually I realized that the 486 Dx-50 processor wasn’t playing nice with the video card. A few years later I was studying for my MSCE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certificate and doing Technical Support for Adobe and Microsoft products. Computer problems give me life. I tend to forget this is not true for the vast majority of humans.

So anyway, if you are full of email fail, just know that I’m here for you. I can help. Will you let me?


Tricking the Brother printer into thinking it has enough toner

Here’s a public service announcement for anyone who uses a Brother printer. These printers tend to give you a message about the toner being low long before the toner cartridge is really empty. Just cover the sensors on both sides of the toner cartridge housing with a piece of black electrical tape, and you will be able to print freely until you decide when the toner truly needs replacing. Which will probably be when your prints start looking faded, not when the company decides it can’t wait to sell you a new toner cartridge. Pictured here is the TN360 toner cartridge. My DCP-7040 can also use the TN330 cartridge.

Cover the sensor (there's one on each size of the toner cartridge) with a piece of electrical tape.

Cover the sensor (there’s one on each size of the toner cartridge housing) with a piece of electrical tape.

Day 18. Share a photo of your studio or workspace. #crazyrebelliousart

This should be pretty simple, except I have multiple places I do creative work:

Photo of Painting in a tent out on the back porch

I have done most of my recent paintings in a tent out on the back porch.


Easel with finishing painting

Easel with finishing painting. To the right you can see paintbrushes, sketchpad and the all important black tea in a double walled cup.


Sitting at my 'puter

Sitting at my ‘puter, writing or something 🙂