Quarantine Quarantune

Life was always unsafe

When you went camping and people got norovirus

When you went to a convention where the flu was spreading

When you ate burgers and fries every other day

You weren’t worried about dying then

What has changed?

Is it the news, that you can’t seem to get away from?
Is it the statistics and the word pandemic?

Is it the constant reminder when you see people in masks?

When we finally get the promised vaccine, the herd immunity,

When strangers can be together without fearing the others’ droplets of breath

When we no longer worry about the healthcare system collapsing

Will we ourselves be changed?

Anyone you meet could be contagious with anything

Including you

Life will always be unsafe, because

every life, some day,


Crocheted Edges on Blankets

Photo of a blue blanket with crocheted edges


Last year in the middle of lockdown I decided to take up a new hobby, crocheting edges on fleece blankets.

I collected fleece, acrylic yarn, and one of those circular blades that cuts tiny holes in the edges of fleece, watched some instructional videos, chose my crochet edge pattern, and made the blanket pictured.

Then in August I hurt my wrist, then in October, my other wrist, and literally haven’t touched a yarn project since.

I think I may be on the mend, and hope to start playing with yarn again soon.

Did you take up any new hobbies during COVID-19?


NaPoWriMo, April 23

Thoughts about Craving, in the Shape of a Poem

It was easy before

to give in to cravings.

Just go to the coffee shop,

the store, the sushi place.

Order in, take out, delivery.

Quick service, next day shipping.

Now it takes me two weeks

just to get my hands on a chocolate bar.

And the only reason

coffee isn’t sold out in stores

is because people like to drink it fresh

so hoarding makes no sense.

Be creative.

Just learn

to make do.


NaPoWriMo, April 17

Let’s see if I can write a poem

in the middle of chaos.

Yelling in the background,


A call from some random person

thinking the place I work

has a needle exchange.

Frequent notifications

from various news outlets

informing me

of President Toddler’s

latest clownery

and the latest death toll.

Daughter talking nonstop

about a violent anime

she’s found

to fill the silence of days.