Sketch the cat’s portrait by Pamela Slaton

Following up Pamela Slaton’s lovely portrait of Max the cat is the one of Sketch, my kitty who passed away a year ago. Look at his furry face emerging from the paper! She is truly an amazing artist.


To see more of Pamela Slaton’s work, check out her Facebook.


Max the cat’s portrait by Pamela Slaton

Leap Year 2020 will mark four years since we lost Max, our beloved cat of fifteen years. Max was the cat who graced our wedding program, as he invited guests to the marriage of his two people.

I recently received in the mail a lifelike portrait I commissioned of Max…

Drawing of Max the cat

Max the cat

The artist is Pamela Slaton, a talented artist I have known for decades. Check out her other work, it is amazing

Inktober Thoughts

I’m a painter. But this month, I’m doing more drawing to celebrate Inktober. My drawing skills are rather weak, I must admit. But I’m not going to let that stop me.

I have learned that drawing gives me ideas. Just the act of mindlessly moving the pen around on the paper gives me food for thought, ideas for projects, ideas for paintings.

It would be great if you would follow along my #Inktober journey and give me comments along the way. Or checkout my blog about What I learned from doing art.

Eventually, when the weather is nice again and I can set up a tent outside in which to paint, I will get back to painting. Until then, I leave you with this illumination.

Untitled, Oil on Board


Playing with a flower

I found a perfect magnolia blossom on the ground in front of my neighbor’s house, and decided to play with it like a child might play with a toy. First I drew all over on petal with colored pens, then I pried it open to reveal its fascinating center. I took pictures along the way.


Perfect blossom

Pen changes color the longer it has been on the flower

Adding color

Smearing, scribbling

What’s inside?


Nifty center

Pretty flower






Day 12: How do you break out of a creative block? #crazyrebelliousart

How do you break out of a creative block?

My creativity comes in waves but for the most part it never leaves me. What can happen is I get distracted by other obligations and amusements. I find the best way to break out of a creative rut is just to start doing something…doodling or writing for example.

Just try setting pen to paper and see what you end up with. Never mind if it's "perfect." Like the shadow on this shows up in the contrasts.

Just try setting pen to paper and see what you end up with. Never mind if it’s “perfect.” Like the shadow on this photo…life shows up in the contrasts. And by the way, those are sushi rolls, not toilet rolls. Who knows? If I’d kept going with this line of thought, maybe I could have come up with sushi cat.

One thing that’s important to understand about the creative process is that artists and writers don’t just spew forth beautiful, complete perfect works in one go. Maybe a few rare pieces arrive perfect, but most creative works take a lot of work. Some days are all about sketching and scribbling out the bare rudiments of ideas. Other days are about planning. Then there are the “doing” days when you feel like you are actually progressing. And then there are the “editing” days when you are perfecting and cleaning up nearly finished work. Then there are the days, hopefully, when you get to display a finished work.

If you are really stuck long term, going through the exercises in a book like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron may help.