Finished the Kitchen!

This adventure started in June 2020 when a dishwasher leak led to damaged floor and cabinets…everything had to come out, and good riddance to Old Kitchen, too, you bad news 2020 thing, you.

You can read more about the kitchen remodel process here and here. My husband Troy did most of the work “in his spare time,” and yes, that is glow in the dark tile grout that looks like lightening…that backsplash took a month to do, so no, he can’t come over to your house some weekend and do it for you.

Cabinets from Pius, floor and counter by Seattle Style Flooring. So many decisions went into this…lighting, faucets, sink, vent hood, appliances, paint and more. I’d be happy to answer any questions, if I can.

Kitchen Backsplash

My husband likes to do things the hard way.

Most people, faced with the need to add some backsplash tile to their kitchen, would either hire a professional, or if they were an ambitions DYIer, would choose one (1) type of tile and apply and grout it and be done.

But no. We have two types of tile that are completely different shapes and made of different materials. Rather than put a straight line between them, my husband purchased a wet tile saw and made intricate cuts in order to develop this pattern.

Not content to simply grout the tiles, my man applied glow in the dark powder to some, to make it look like lightening.

Still not impressed? There’s more. Two walls contain secret messages relayed by the backsplash tile grout glow. One system uses Morse code, and the other, I have no idea. The secret messages when decoded may in fact lead you to a hidden prize.

Kitchen Chaos is winding down

 I can see the end in sight. We are maybe 1 to 2 weeks away from completion on the kitchen remodel project that has dominated our lives since June 2020. I am looking forward to it. And must give all the thanks to my handyman husband and helpful daughter.

The oven’s memoir

This year’s Christmas letter is written from the point of view of our new-ish GE profile gas oven and range.

I slid out of that cardboard box and was rolled into place in a crappy dacky kitchen, between an ancient fridge and a dishwasher that was on its last legs. The dishwasher barfed its last soon after my arrival, leaving a wet floor. The silly two-leggeds thought they could just buy a new dishwasher and slide it into place but soon realized the floor was totally warped and unlevel. This led to the discovery of stained flooring that extended in front of me, far and wide. The new boi dishwasher was put back in his box and hauled away to the laundry room. Thus began the summer of chaos.

After tearing up some of the flooring, the two-leggeds found a stinky cheese mold. A lab assessed the 1975 linoleum tile to contain asbestos. So day by day I watched the cabinets get torn out, the flooring, even the kitchen sink! The skanky old fridge was rolled into the living room. Soon, I was left by myself on an ugly linoleum floor. The asbestos abatement crew arrived one day, sealed up the room, and tore out the linoleum and hauled away a bunch of garbage. A couple of days later they painted the floor white. Then the ceiling got painted white, and the walls. So much activity around me! Even the skinniest of the two-leggeds got involved, using the power drill, painting, sealing up the wall. Heard them say it was “kitchen remodel summer camp.”

One day the kitchen was filled with boxes. There were so many boxes you could hardly move, even if you had legs. Two days later a man came and spent the entire day assembling cabinetry around me. I began to feel a crescent moon of hope. Next a new floor was put in place. Then the countertop arrived. Dishwasher came out of hiding and got installed along with a new sink. Then a new refrigerator showed up, intimidating me with its largesse. I thought we were done with all this nonsense, but a month later the counter was replaced with a different one. The two-leggeds now spend time looking at tiles for the backsplash.  I am already feeling pretty good as the royal centerpiece, the history keeper of this brand-new kitchen.

That was last week, this is now

This was our kitchen after cabinets were delivered last Wednesday

August 30 kitchen, morning. Cabinets were installed August 28. Husband worked hard to install temporary wooden counter and utility sink. Actual counters and sink will be installed Sept 18. Floor goes in Sept 1.



Forced kitchen remodel of 2020

Dishwasher leaked a few months ago and ruined the floor and some of the cabinets. When we tore up the floor, we found moldy linoleum and asbestos.

Around the same time we had a leak from the upstairs bathroom that messed up the ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom.

It has taken quite a while to resolve these issues and we are possibly about 2/3s of the way through it.

Along the way, here are some of the things that have had to happen:

Move everything out of the kitchen into the living room.

Have asbestos abatement folks come to remove the flooring.

Fix plumbing and electrical issues.

Tear out parts of the floor and ceiling, molding and trim, repair drywall.

Tons of other little things my husband did that I am sure I am forgetting.

Choose cabinets, counter, backsplash tile, sink, faucet, aux faucet, water filter system, dishwasher, fridge, flooring, vent hood, paint for walls and ceiling.

Tear out cabinets and counter.

Haul to dump.

Repair ceiling, walls, spackle, prime, texture, paint.

Here are some in progress photos, first with the living room turned kitchen:

Snack station with hot water and coffee grinder

Containers, tea, toaster over and rice cooker.

Coffee table with microwave, convection oven, paper plates and bowls.

Silverware, popular tools, and laundry bin full of kitchen towels, on top the the printer

Prepared, jarred and canned foods in front of fireplace that’s off for the summer.

Fridge in living room along with popular pans (on top), knives and spices.

Enter the kitchen! Cardboard on the floor to protect it.

Oven/stove hangs out feeling perplexed and alone, card table covered and surrounded with tools. Shelving being torn down as I write this.

Utility sink and card table

Newer update! Cabinets gone


We expect to have cabinets installed in less than a week, but since we chose to go with a more high end counter from a different company than the one that’s doing our cabinets, it will take several sink-less weeks before we get the counter and sink in place.