NaPoWriMo, April 7, 2019

Thirty-seven numberless treasures
have names but not substance
You don’t own what you are giving away
but your mindstream that turns names
into meaning,
meaning into the real,
full of emptiness.



Smol Flowerz

In winter 2017, I had a bunch of 4″ square canvases to work on, and decided to paint imaginary flowers that do not exist in nature. The light source is deliberately…just wrong. Each petal has its own light source. I was envisioning these more as mandala-esque coloring book pieces than any sort of realistic thing. I gave them pretentious names using a Random Name Generator, names like “Ear of Torches” and “Cleavertrumpet.” Then I promptly sold half of them last October at a Craft Show. Here they are for your amusement: