What’s Up

I managed to write one poem a day for the first three weeks of NaPoWriMo but I think I’m done. Yesterday I had no time to write as I was at the Puyallup Fair for nine hours in the cold and rain. I logged 17,000 steps which I think is a record for me.

I was at the Fair to support my daughter’s step team, Northside, which took 1st place in the Step Show competition this year.

Now this week, I’m going to be busy helping out at Sakya Monastery for Tibetan Buddhism, as there is a week long event for the anniversary of H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Dorje Chang’s parinirvana.

Busy times!

Day 28. Write about a charity that’s important to you. #crazyrebelliousart

I’ve already written about PNA Village, as well as charity:water. So I’m going to write about a non-profit organization that my daughter is involved with, the Northside Youth Program. For 3.5 years she has been a member of the Northside Drill Team (formerly known as Greenwood Drill Team (click to support them on Smile.amazon.com).

These young ladies (and the occasional gentleman) work so hard! You can see this from the videos on their main page as well as the ones I posted on my YouTube account. Here’s an example, if you’re not in the mood to click away: