Smol Flowerz

In winter 2017, I had a bunch of 4″ square canvases to work on, and decided to paint imaginary flowers that do not exist in nature. The light source is deliberately…just wrong. Each petal has its own light source. I was envisioning these more as mandala-esque coloring book pieces than any sort of realistic thing. I gave them pretentious names using a Random Name Generator, names like “Ear of Torches” and “Cleavertrumpet.” Then I promptly sold half of them last October at a Craft Show. Here they are for your amusement:



The return of the infamous “Knife, Bread, Toaster”


I painted this concept originally in oils many years ago, at the Fremont Fresh Art festival and it sold at auction for $50. Years later I was bummed I didn’t have a high-res photo of it, so I did what any sensible artist would do: I repainted the thing. Now you can own your own copy, or have it printed on a t-shirt, skirt, or other fun stuff, by the nice folks at

Knife, Bread, Toaster

About 12 years ago I participated in the Fresh Art Festival in Fremont, Seattle, and in just a few hours, completed this painting:

If you have the original of this, please let me know.

If you have the original of this, please let me know.


A stranger paid $50 for it at auction and I regret I have only this fairly low res photograph of it. Many people have admired it over the years, and I would love be able to offer merchandise and copies of it via RedBubble, but at the moment all I can do are stickers and phone cases. Still, I thought I should announce this painting’s entry into the world of merch.

RedBubble: Fun with Commodification of my Art Work

You may recall that last year, I had a show of my Fruit Voodoodles painting series at CMA Gallery and sold three of them on opening night. What’s left of my work is currently on display at Gordito’s in Seattle, minus Power Strawberry, which lives in the collection of a relative..

And now, I’ve set up a profile on RedBubble, where you can obtain copies of my art works in the most consumer-ific ways possible: on t-shirts, stickers, notebooks, pillows, and more.

I don’t know about you, but I find this very amusing.

If you have any kind of original art work lying around, take a good digital photo of it, and upload it to RedBubble, then see the magic unfold as your work is placed digitally onto mugs, onesies and scarves!