Indonesia was amazing: Snacky things

Big old deep fried crackers, probably made with tapoica. They smell like fish.

Some kind of cracker. If I remember right, it taste vaguely of anise.


This was some kind of sweet shredded meat. It was pretty great, I could have dumped it over everything.

30 Days of New Foods: Day 27: Keripik Tempe Pedas

Is that oatmeal in there? No.

I recently visited an Indonesian Grocery store and encountered a number of new foods. I wanted to try some Indonesian snacks so when I visit Java next month there’s a touch of the familiar.

So what is Keripik Tempe Pedas? “Spicy Soy Bean.” The ingredients: soy bean, salt, black pepper, palm oil, sugar, water and flavour enhancer (probably a code word for MSG).

It is crispy, spicy little oil bomb. I couldn’t eat very much in one sitting. I have to wonder how it tastes in 90 degree humid equatorial weather? In cold Seattle, it’s like having a mini-sun explode in your mouth. Like this sunset:

30 Days of New Foods: Day 9: Dang Onion Chips

I’ve been having some trouble finding “new” foods to try. Here’s one I’ve tried recently that I highly recommend. This is basically dried onions, with flavors, such as Salt-n-Pepper, Applewood BBQ and Chipotle Garlic.


They are crispy and light, and sorta melt in your mouth. I got these at Central Market but I have also seen them at Metropolitan Market. Yum.