30 Days of New Foods: Day 27: Keripik Tempe Pedas

Is that oatmeal in there? No.

I recently visited an Indonesian Grocery store and encountered a number of new foods. I wanted to try some Indonesian snacks so when I visit Java next month there’s a touch of the familiar.

So what is Keripik Tempe Pedas? “Spicy Soy Bean.” The ingredients: soy bean, salt, black pepper, palm oil, sugar, water and flavour enhancer (probably a code word for MSG).

It is crispy, spicy little oil bomb. I couldn’t eat very much in one sitting. I have to wonder how it tastes in 90 degree humid equatorial weather? In cold Seattle, it’s like having a mini-sun explode in your mouth. Like this sunset:


30 Days of New Foods: Day 12: Rebanaditas Lollipop

This reminds me of a story someone told me about her trip to Pakistan. After a very spicy meal, she was grateful to see fruit served for dessert, but then horrified when she realized that even the fruit was dowsed with chili powder.

This lollipop, made in Mexico, is basically watermelon flavored candy, coated with salt and chili powder.




So you lick it and get the salt and chili flavor, then eventually you get the watermelon flavor.

I think this would have been decent, but for one thing: stale chili powder. It smelled musty and old and that made it pretty unpalatable for me. My husband was not impressed either. Our child, however, likes them. And anything that gets her experimenting with spicy food is worth trying.