30 Days of New Foods: Day 21: Sweeten Radish

It’s probably supposed to be “sweetened radish” but just roll with it. I was introduced to this one via a shared recipe for Pad Thai, and actually managed to find this product at Central Market. It’s chock full of scary ingredients like food coloring and preservatives, but I chose to ignore that. Even cooked, this tastes kind of rubbery. It was decent in pad thai, but I’m not sure I can come up with another use for it. You?


30 Days of New Foods: Day 16: Plantains


Sure, I’ve eaten tostones¬†at La Isla, but I’ve never actually cooked plantains myself.

It was interesting taking the skin off. I had to cut it at the beginning until I could find a good place to pull it off. The plantain is firmer than a banana and holds together much better, so it could handle my rough and clumsy preparation.


I decided to pan fry these in butter, then sprinkle coconut sugar on top, then add lime juice in the end. This was inspired by a Thai recipe I had for dessert bananas.


These plantains had the texture of potatoes. Not bad.